For this particular project, I was to create a set of Brand Guidelines for my created Monogram, Wordmark and Visual Marque.

In these brand guidelines, I highlight everything from what my brand mission is, to how to use my monogram/wordmark/visual marque and the specific colour scheme used in these designs. I created these guidelines on Adobe Illustrator, as it allowed me to add whatever elements I needed for each slide and the ability to export the pages separately and easily.

Check them out!

When designing my brand guidelines, an issue I faced was to decide what the best and effective layout would be. I wasn’t too sure how brand guidelines would be presented generally, but nevertheless I solved this issue by looking through popular brand guidelines such as Twitter's for influence. After examining how each piece of text was laid out, it gave me the confidence to begin sketching my own out on paper. Similar to the our projects, I was responsible for creating the whole piece of work. However, I received help along the way from my tutor, about brand guidelines created by other companies, which later proved to be very helpful and an inspiration.
Especially with brand guidelines, I really wanted the content to be displayed consistently and neatly, without causing the slides to be cluttered. I was able to solve this issue at the end by having certain size of fonts and images.
Before choosing this specific brand guideline, I had to decide between this layout and another one I created in the design stage. In the end I choose this one because I liked how the text and images were positioned. The title would be placed right along the top of the slide, on level with the border I created. This design in my opinion stood out from the other one.

One issue that posed a challenge, was trying to equally align the text and images together in a small area so that they weren’t overlapping each other.


Research it

My first step was to research different companies brand guidelines as influences for my own. In my case twitters guidelines.

Sketch it

After researching, I had a rough idea as to what my own guidelines would look like. So,I began sketching them out on my sketch book.

Design it

Once myfinal designs were sketched out, I started creating the guidelines inIllustrator and then exporting them as a PDF file.

I was really happy with the end result as it had a positive effect on my grades and my designing skills. This project helped me understand the importance of brand guidelines and how much content is required in order to create an appealing and professional guideline. And also that PREPARATION IS KEY.